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Company News

A trip to beach

 A Trip to the Coast

A sunny Sunday, our group staff came to the seaside, enjoy one day life on beach.

Sunshine beachocean waves and a group of like-minded colleagues, happy to play together.Forgot the exhaustion of body and mind, enjoy himself.

On beach, group divided into teams by each company, grouping the different activities.

All colleagues of Dalian Shunfa industry group, managers and factory workers dig clams activities before the flood, fully enjoy feeling under tori, picking the dig for eating, enjoy the natural delicacy.

After relaxation, employees of the group fall into each team by different companies, has carried on the intense tug of war.

Dalian Blue ribbon company VS , Shunfa Cleaning products VS worldwide paper industry, a team of 10 people, started competing power.Everyone, heart makes toward one place, interest in toward one place, go all out to do our best for our team to victory. General working times on the tacit understanding, in this contest reflect incisively and vividly.All hope his company win. All hope his company win.Each serious face, and teamwork makes people won the day.

Over here is the hercules of each company in the competing power, on the other side, the female colleagues  of  group company are playing the kitty fishing.

Look, everybody, vigorous figure, flexible light step, you contend for me to catch, his contribution to the victory for the team.

After the game we had a big lunch. In order to reward all hard work at ordinary works, boss put into in a lot of money on the meal, you can see, the food is very rich, every one  eat satisfied ,eat happily, like our daily food,rich and healthy.

After a short rest, we had a collective project, beach volleyball.

Don't look at all of us are amateurs, but we fight hard, comparable to the professional team.Every company colleagues try to pass, catch, smashes, want to win in competition, win honor for their group company.

After a day to enjoy, we have end the beach trip.back to town.On the bus all workers  joy and gratitude to the boss. They are thinking that working in shunfa industry, welfare treatment is good, high salary, the boss treats them as family members, thank the boss from the bottom of their heart, praise words are full of  the whole bus.

Yes, the group staff got relax, they will be better for the future work accumulated strength, they will be  working hard for group’s future.