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Zhoujiawaizi Village, Shuangdaowan Town, Lvshunkou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China

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Dalian Shunfa Industry Group


We will grow faster than the market ,always supply the whole world with the most safety products!

Dalian Worldwide Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise combined with in-house independent research and development department, manufacturing & marketing, after-sale service. Established in 2003, we located in the beautiful coastal city ofDalian,Lvshun. It is only 35 minutes away from Dalian port,the largest harbor in north-east China.We have the base paper production line, the top level assembly lines to turn the new designs from ideas into reality. All our papers are treated by high temperature sterilizing, with clean packing, complete ranges of specifications,; our products are with strong water-absorbing, uniform and clean, soft, good toughness, non-toxic sterile. We export to theUnited States,Europeand Southeast Asia etc. Dalian Worldwide Paper gathers feedback from all of our clients to ensure the clients’satisfaction with the products.

Our Advantages :
  • R&D Department : A group of young team to develop the new products constantly   
  • Management : Excellent character, positive enthusiasm to work hard
  • Equipment : Folding paper equipment is made by ourselves , greatly shorten the processing time and ensure the accurate quantity per package 
  • Material : 100% wood pulp production , pure and delicate and transparent , effectively avoid any bacteria brought by the recycled paper to cause the disease .